Pediatric Dentistry

Choosing a pediatric dentist for your child(ren) can be one of the most important decisions for a parent to make.

At Bell Dental Care, our Pediatric Dentists specialize in treating infants, toddlers, adolescents and teenagers. Our specialists are experienced in treating medically compromised and mentally challenged children.

Our focus is on prevention, early detection and treatment of dental diseases. We pride ourselves in offering the latest advances in dentistry for children. We even offer the latest orthodontic technology.

Your child will receive customized oral health care to implement preventative dental health habits in order to keep your child free from dental and oral diseases.

We provide your child(ren) with a friendly environment, allowing them to watch their favorite cartoons in the waiting room. They are also rewarded for their good behavior with a goody bag full of stickers, toys and educational hygiene material.

At Bell Dental Care, our goal is to help children feel comfortable visiting the dentist and teaching them how to care for their teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions:

At what age should I bring my child(ren) to the dentist?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that infants be seen by his/her 1st birthday. Emphasis is placed on early intervention before serious oral health problems develop.

How do I prepare my child for their first dental visit?

We recommend reading children’s books about going to the dentist to familiarize them with pictures of what to expect. We also recommend bringing your child(ren) with you to your dental appointments so they can be exposed to the atmosphere and even meet their dental hygienist and dentist!

Tell your child(ren) that the dental hygienist and dentist will count, clean, place vitamins and take pictures of their teeth. However, please do not use words such as “hurt, shots, needles, drills” or any other unpleasant words that may scare them. Let them know we are here to help them take good care of their teeth and we are “checking” to make sure they are doing a good job at home.

What should we expect during the first dental visit?

At your child’s first dental visit the following will take place:

  • Review the basics of good oral health
  • Provide your child with any oral hygiene instructions (including the type of toothpaste and toothbrush your child should use)
  • Provide information on nutritional counseling (Good Diet = Healthy Teeth)
  • Go over teething and eruption patterns
  • Cleaning
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Radiographs (if necessary)
  • Comprehensive examination
  • Determine the best time for orthodontic treatment (if needed)
  • Discuss any habits, such as thumb sucking, clenching or grinding

Once these procedures have been completed, your dentist will develop a plan that will address all of your child(ren)’s individual needs.

What if my child needs to have work done?

If your child needs any treatment, your Dentist will go over their treatment plan in full detail with you. Our treatment plan coordinator will go over your insurance benefits and coverage as well as assist you in making your child’s future dental appointments. All of your questions will be answered at this time so you can fully understand any and all procedures.

We look forward to meeting you and your child(ren) soon!

Please contact our office to set up a consultation.